Ava Lee may be just 8 years old but she is already a veteran martial artist. The 1st Degree Black belt has been attending classes since she was six weeks old. She would sit nearby in her baby carrier while her parents and brother and sister (twin siblings) worked out, and she began training herself as an ATA Tiger before hse turned 3. As a student she has been focusing on perfecting her skills in training before she begins competition. “My dad says we should build the sculpture and then refine the shape before polishing.” Ava says, “And that once our shape is formed, we should consider competing to guage our strengths and weaknesses.”
While waiting to compete, she has nonetheless been able to practice leadership by trying to set a good example and sometime helping her instructor with the young ATA Tigers. “That makes me feel very responsible and happy, “Ava says, She hopes to will plenty of trophies someday and ultimately become a doctor. Meanwhile Ava enjoys ready, drawing, art, science, snow skiing, the beach, surfing with her father David, playing with neighborhood friends and her dog, George.